What We Do

We are a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage tech companies and spearheads their communications.

We invest in game-changers. These are disruptive, impactful businesses that want to fundamentally change industries and solve some of today’s biggest challenges – social, business, or otherwise. Using our years of marketing and communications expertise, we actively help our companies grow by crafting compelling stories and telling those stories to the world.

Our name was inspired by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who once explained that as soon as a business reaches Day Two, it’s all over. We believe in living every day and making every decision as if it is Day One.

Every company we invest in embodies the Day One spirit.

What we’re looking for

We approach venture capital as the cultivation of a goal-centric community, one in which our partners, advisors, and startup founders are united in a shared vision of a better world. The companies we invest in should feel at home in our community and also fall into at least one of the following three categories:

Disruptive Technology

Companies reaching for the stars with hard-to-imitate technology in emerging fields such as machine learning, AR/VR, marketplaces, fintech, and edtech.

Impactful Action

Companies seeking to fundamentally change areas such as employment and healthcare through technical innovation in order to serve modern needs.

Community Driven

Companies that live harmoniously with their community — they rely on an active and loyal audience, who in turn relies on them.

We’re not just investors  

We’re team members who support our portfolio companies’ growth and success by shaping and telling their stories. We are always on your side as a founder.

What We Offer

We focus on early-stage companies where we invest on average $100K-$1M, usually in seed and series A rounds. We often work with leading VCs, are ready for follow-on investments, and employ a negotiable deal structure. We make quick decisions and don’t leave you waiting in the dark.

Marketing / PR

We’re the only firm that supports its portfolio companies in marketing and communications, spearheading your public relations activities at the seed and Series A stages. We’ll advise you when it’s the right time to hire an in-house professional or an agency and help you hire and manage them.


We use our experience and extensive network to counsel our companies in areas beyond marketing and communications as well, including recruitment and sales. We take an active role by introducing you to potential clients, team members, and partners.


We have a strong network of investors in the US, Europe, and Asia. Other investors in our portfolio companies include Greylock, Index, Bloomberg Beta, NEA, Homebrew, Social Capital, Sherpa, Founders Fund, and others. Our introductions have resulted in over 30 portfolio company investments in just one year.

Damian Langere, CEO @ Domuso

“Day One Ventures has been one of our most helpful investors. When they invest in a company, they truly back the founders by actively providing not just communications expertise, but results. Since working with Day One, we've received high impact press coverage, gained access to top-tier professional events, and made new connections that have accelerated our growth. As a founder, you feel that they are there for you from the beginning until the very end.”

Andrew Kouri, CEO @ lvl5

“Working with the folks at Day One Ventures has been an incredible privilege for lvl5 and for me. They really make a point to get to know me as a founder and support me in ways that other investors don't. If you're fortunate enough to have Day One invest in your company, their backing extends far beyond the check – the team is comprised of top-notch PR experts, well-connected to entrepreneurs across the globe, and determined to help in any way possible. I consider myself very lucky to have Day One on my side.”

Mikhail Naumov, President @ DigitalGenius

“Day One is one of the most helpful partners. In addition to usual support provided by venture capital firms, Day One takes an active role in helping portfolio companies develop a communications strategy, secure key media coverage, and amplify their message during critical points in the company's growth cycle.”

Andrey Kazakov, CEO @ Acquired

“We are lucky and blessed to have Day One Ventures as our investors. They are amazing partners that help with all aspects of our business and handle PR and communications like no other – it really makes us stand out in the industry.”

Yahya Mokhtarzada, CEO @ Truebill

“Day One Ventures is outstanding when it comes to their ability and willingness to provide support at an operational level. The team took an active role in helping us with communications not just by providing strategic advice, but by directly securing coverage for us in top-tier media. As the founder of a Day One portfolio company, you feel like the firm is always on your side. They don't dictate what you should do but act as a true partner working toward the same goal – growing your company.”

Nathaniel Barling, CEO @ Knowhere News

“Already a hugely valuable seed investor, in the run up to and since our April 2018 launch, Day One Ventures have become an integral part of our team. Their PR counsel has been second to none in both strategic input and execution. Communications with the team have been seamless, enabling us to build a powerful and nuanced message in a particularly short time-frame, resulting in a press response that exceeded expectations. It’s a privilege to be working with Natalie and Masha and I’m looking forward to continuing to build our story, brand, and position in the public consciousness alongside them.”

Through investing, fundraising, counseling, and communications initiatives, we’ve helped our portfolio companies flourish.

True Customer Obsession

The greatest companies are built around their customers. Your technology, your vision, your business model – these only make a difference if they truly appeal to your customer. You may have great user acquisition, but what is it worth if you’re losing customers even faster?

Customers are always dissatisfied, they always desire more, even if they aren’t aware of it. The most successful companies are the ones that anticipate customer demand, delivering something they didn’t know they needed.

Embrace External Trends

Startups exist in the real world and are affected by what happens in the industry on a daily basis. Have a clear vision for where your space is going, predict market trends, and stay tapped into the newest innovations, otherwise one day you might realize that you’ve created a Yahoo.

Experiment, try and fail, pivot if needed, but stay two steps ahead of the curve.

Be Flexible

As startups begin to see success, there’s a tendency to manage on autopilot. Business processes become more important than outcomes. You should treat every complication that arises as if it’s the first time you’re encountering it. Don’t default to existing processes out of habit.

High-Velocity Decision Making

Speed is critical to innovation. You need to make good decisions, and you need to make them fast. This isn’t an easy balance to strike, but the best leaders intelligently combine intuition and gut instinct with experience and a rock-solid rationale. You should be thoughtful but quick to take action.


Your company should be at the point where PR and marketing will move the needle. That’s when our team can add the most value and accelerate your growth. We focus on seed stage and series A companies that have a viable product with at least initial customers or users. While we prefer startups that already have revenue, we sometimes invest in earlier stages.

The Day One Ventures team is passionate about helping visionary risk-takers find success by putting them at the nexus of investing and storytelling.

Masha Drokova
Masha is the Founder and General Partner at Day One Ventures. Before launching Day One, she was an angel investor and founder of a PR studio that worked with companies like Houzz, HotelTonight, Gett, and Toptal. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and was named by Business Insider as a top 50 PR Pro in tech. Masha has a deep love for our earth and serves as an advisor to Oceanic, a non-profit using VR to bring attention to issues impacting our oceans.
Natalie Issa
Natalie helps portfolio companies craft and tell their stories. Natalie is passionate about emerging technologies, having previously worked with companies like Baidu's AI Group, D-Wave Systems, Drive.ai, EchoPixel, and Woopra. She comes from a big, chaotic Lebanese family and loves every minute of it.
Drake Rehfeld
Drake is a Principal at Day One Ventures. Before Day One, Drake founded Demeanor.co (Y Combinator S18). Demeanor was acquired by NTWRK, a video-based shopping app where he led product. Drake previously worked in product management and machine learning computer vision at many companies including Team 10 and Snapchat. Drake loves to help founders in product, growth, and UX, and spends time thinking about consumer and influencer platforms.
Jack Randall
Jack is Head of Communications and Investor at Day One Ventures. He is passionate about introducing great products and companies to people through storytelling. Before Day One, Jack led communications at Robinhood for six years and helped scale the company from seed to Series G with a valuation of $11.2 billion. Prior to that, Jack was at Apple and Highland Capital Partners.
Ilya Zubarev

Senior Partner at Runa Capital. Ilya has more than 20 years of experience as serial entrepreneur and investor. He is a co-founder of several global enterprise software companies including Acronis, Parallels, Rolsen and Acumatica. 

Serguei Beloussov

A serial entrepreneur, the co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Acronis, a global data protection company, and the senior founding partner of Runa Capital, a technology investment firm.

Joel Englander

Head of Google Cloud startup program. Investor at Blumberg Capital and Redpoint. He has invested in over 50 startups across sectors and has over a decade of seed stage investing and operations experience. He was one of the first investors in Instacart.

Riccardo Di Blasio

With the last 8 years spent in Silicon Valley, Di Blasio accrued more than 25+ years in the technology industry with key executive roles at companies like EMC Corp. and VMware and currently running global partner sales for cloud platforms at DXC Technology.

Nadia Asoyan

Head of Finance and Accounting at Robinhood. Nadia discovered her passion for fintech through her experience at Square, where she joined a small team to build accounting practices, and later, was a key member for the IPO process.

Luis A. Navia

Luis has served on Verizon’s Content Strategy and Acquisitions Team focused on emerging technology and digital media. He also has worked for Fortune 50 Companies, as a primary delegate manager for a Presidential nominee, and led multiple events with TEDx.

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