Home61 is an end-to-end real estate platform that streamlines the home buying and selling process.

Our first project with Home61 was a funding announcement in which the company wanted to reach three key audiences, all markedly different: tech industry and VCs, Miami consumers, and real estate agents. We knew we would need to take the story beyond funding in order to reach all these targets, in particular the publications with national coverage since Home61 was operating only in Miami at the time.


We upleveled the funding announcement by tying in an angle about Home61’s plans for national expansion. We explained how Home61 had started in Miami and, with the new funding, would be rolling out to new cities over the next one to two years. This larger story about Home61’s growth plans resonated with all three of our target groups as it had both national and local relevance.


For the funding announcement, we successfully secured top-tier coverage for all three of our target groups. For the tech industry and VCs, we secured TechCrunch; for Miami consumers, we secured The Miami Herald; and for real estate agents, we secured The Real Deal and Inman. Post-announcement, we secured a variety of media, including byline, profile, and video.