This was the company launch announcement of Portal and its supporting seed funding round of $4.2M. Portal is an ad-free video sharing platform powered by user-to-user payments whose feed is chronological and not powered by algorithms. Portal was built so people can find, share, and monetize their videos (and soon audio) without needing to adhere to advertisers’ agendas that censor other video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

When we started working with Portal, there were many discussions in the press about the negative influence that the digital advertising model was having throughout online content and in society, as well as the negative influence that the major social video platforms are having on our lives.

The challenge we had to overcome with Portal’s launch was that it competes with industry giants like YouTube and Instagram, as well as there being many other video platforms before Portal, and platforms supported by micropayments.


With online video platforms being a highly competitive market, we knew we had to construct messaging that would cut through the noise for Portal’s launch.

We worked in tandem with Portal’s team to develop messages and story angles that highlight Portal’s mission, platform differentiators, and called out the broken digital advertising industry as well as the negative impact that the major social video platforms have on our lives.

To support our message, we utilized statistics from Portal’s beta where users reported earning 100x more revenue per viewer than they would have experienced on ad-supported platforms like YouTube. This enabled us to prove that Portal’s user-to-user micropayments model, which features tipping, paywalls, and instant profile subscriptions, works.


On launch day, November 13th, 2018, we secured on-message coverage in leading media outlets across tech, business, and entertainment. These stories also organically generated coverage in other media outlets proving that our messaging and focus on Portal’s proven differentiation resonated with press.